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NSC is excited about our uniform partnership with We Got Soccer (WGS) and New Balance.  The cost of the new kit is $76 full price, $68 if you use the 10% discount code: NORTHREWARD  These current jerseys will last until the spring of 2020. Please note that in the fall of 2020 we will be switching to new style uniform due to our current ones be out of production.  The new jerseys will run from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2023 and maybe longer.

Town Travel (Grades 3-8) - Ordering can be done via our new webstore 

Jr. Academy Program (Pre-K - 2) – there is no need to order a uniform, NSC shirts are provided as part of their registration.

Revolution Academy Program - Please use this link or go to the Revs Academy tab under uniforms in the  webstore 

We Got Soccer has sizing samples available at their retail store in Wrentham.  Players can try on uniforms any time they want. NSC members will get 25% off all in-store New Balance footwear and replica apparel, as well as the standard 10% Rewards off of any other items.

There will be no uniform ordering in-store, but there will be sizing cards there for the parents to take home and use when ordering.

Below are the files for your child’s fall and spring 2019-2020 age group and their randomly assigned uniform number.  Any questions regarding ordering and/or the uniforms themselves should be directed to NSC Equipment Director Dave Cuzzi-[email protected]. 

Numbers were 100% randomly assigned and there is no number swapping allowed.
 These numbers have been entered into the NSC database and will be their number for the entire time they are in NSC.  Please make sure you use the correct number when ordering your uniform.  Uniforms can't be returned and you will be required to order one with the correct number.

             Girls Uniform Numbers Boys Uniform Numbers
Grade 3 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 4
Grade 5 Grade 5
Grade 6 Grade 6
Grade 7 Grade 7
Grade 8 Grade 8


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