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We have a team for you. We offer three different types of programs: Jr. Academy, BAYS Travel, and Revolution Youth Academy Select Travel. These programs are based on age and grade. The Jr. Academy and Travel programs do not take into account the skill level of players other than to group the children into the best development environment possible.

Jr. Academies

Children that are in Pre-K through 2nd Grade who will turn at least 5 years old during the school year, will play in our Jr. Academy League. These programs are developmentally appropriate and are coached by Club coaches (K-PK) and often assisted by New England Revolution Youth Academy coaches (1st – 2nd Grade).

Practices for Jr. Academies are twice a week for both groups with and include instruction a licensed NSC coach and potentially supported by a Revolution Staff coach.

Games for Jr. Academies are on Saturday morning for the Grade 1/2 teams. Pre-K/K teams play small sided games at Thursdays practices.

BAYS Travel Teams: 
Children that are entering the 3rd Grade through 8th grade are eligible to play for NSC in the BAYS Travel League.  Our 3rd Grade – 8th Grade teams are coached once a week (Fall & Spring) by New England Revolution Youth Academy coaches along with Club coaches.  Winter practices are less frequent due to limited facility availability. Children can elect to sign up for Fall, Winter, Spring. There is no full-year commitment, and each season (Fall/Winter/Spring) new teams are formed based on signups for that season. 

BAYS offers divisions in single year Grade groups for Grade 3 - Grade 6 and a combined Grade 7/8 Group. While we endeavor to field single grade teams for each group, due to the number of signups as well as the relative skill level of players signed up we will from time to time combine grade groups into Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6 in order to put teams into the best development environment possible. 

Practices for Travel Teams are twice a week, scheduled by the coaches once teams are announced. One practice is with your NSC volunteer coach and a Revolution Academy coach, and the second practice is led by your NSC volunteer coach. Each practice is for 1 hour.

Games are on Saturdays per BAYS league schedule guidelines. Games can be up to an hour away depending on league placement.

NSC / NE Revolution Youth Academy Select Travel Teams: 
Since the fall of 2017 NSC has been fielding Select Teams that are coached exclusively by New England Revolution Youth Academy Coaches.

For the 2018-2019 season, we have grown the program to:

2 5th-6th-grade girls’ team
1 5th-6th boys’ team
1 7/8th-grade girls' team
1 7/8th-grade boys' team
For a total of 5 teams up from 2 teams in the prior season.

Our goal for the 2019/20 Season is to grow to two teams in each age/gender group for a total of 8 teams.

These teams were selected by top New England Revolution Academy Coaches. Tryout information is above.

These teams will still practice in North Attleboro and continue to play in BAYS. These teams require a full year commitment (both Fall and Spring) and also include minimum attendance requirements, however, our goal is to work with any child who is selected to assist them in meeting their multisport/multiactivity goals. 

Practices for NSC/NE Revolution Youth Academy Select Travel Teams are twice a week, scheduled by the coaches once teams are announced. Both practices are with a designated full time Revolution Academy coach and run for 1 1/2 hours.

Games are on Saturdays per BAYS league schedule guidelines, coached by the teams full time designated Revolution Academy Coach. Games can be up to an hour away depending on league placement.

Park & Recreation Soccer

North Soccer Club is a proud partner of the North Attleboro Park & Recreation Program

The Park & Rec Fall Soccer program is for North Attleboro residents in grades K through 6.  

Their 8 week soccer program features games on Saturdays and practices once a week(grades 1 & up).  Soccer season begins with the first game on Saturday morning, September 7th and concludes on Saturday, October 26th.  Players in grades 1 and up will have one practice a week.  Games can be played at Petti Field (WWI Park) or Kelly Field (Landry Ave) depending on division.
All players are required to wear shin guards at all games and practices. Team tee shirts will be provided.

Coaches are needed.  This is a league is coach driven, your volunteerism goes a long way to allow the league to remain at a reasonable cost. To coach your child's team please have a CORI on file with the Recreation Department and check you are able to coach when registering your child.

League Set up
- Pre K - children aged 4-5 years old, will be co-ed. Saturdays only

- K - children in Kindergarten, will be co-ed. Saturdays only

- Grades 1 & 2 - Children in grades 1 & 2, will be divided into a girl's and boy's league. Games will on Saturdays and practices once a week Monday - Thursday.

 - Grades 3 & 4 - Children in grades 3 & 4, may be co-ed if registration allows. Games will be on Saturdays and practices once a week Monday - Thursday.

- Grades 5 & 6 - Children in grades 5 & 6, will be co-ed. Games will be played on Saturdays and practices once a week Monday - Thursday.

*** Leagues may be divided into boy's and girl's if numbers allow. Also leagues maybe merged to co-ed to allow for more teams. We will notify players of any changes.***

Any questions please call the Park & Recreation Office at 508 699-0145 and follow link to the NA Park & Rec Sign up Page

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